hoist by one's own petard

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You've seen a petard, then? ;-) IAC, I don't think that anyone thought
that I meant "shaped charge" in the modern sense. Well, I guess that
you did or you wouldn't have replied. I meant only that the charge
conformed to the shape of its container. A crude representation - not
the same as the illustration that I have in memory, but, nevertheless,
it's close enough for government work - of a 17th-century petard can
be found at


What shows up on my screen as a hyphen is actually a tilde. If this
doesn't work, try googling In Images for "petard ordnance"


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> For the record, a petard is not a "shaped charge."  The principal behind the shaped charge was discovered by Munro in the 1880's and, as far as I know, first used in World War II in rocket-propelled anti-tank missiles such as the British PIAT, the German Panzerfaust, and the US bazooka.
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