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Developed by Lewis Advertising Inc., of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, for
Northern Telecom Inc. (NTI), of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina,
''The Magic Touch Kit'' is a marketing and promotional package small
telephone companies can use to promote options available with NTI's DMS-10
digital switching system. Besides promotional and merchandising items such
as T-shirts, pens, key chains, and coffee mugs, the kit offers newspaper
ad slicks, ''local announcer'' radio scripts, bill stuffers, counter
cards, user instruction booklets, and a taped music package with 9
variations of a basic jingle.  From an abstract of the article "Creating
Telco Marketing Magic," _Telephony_,  Sep 11, 1981.Vol.201, Iss. 11;  pg.

What Gold, her staff member and the Community Development Division of the
Illinois Arts Council did was to provide technical assistance to not-for-
profit groups for the promotion of their programs during Arts Week. In the
case of the Quincy Society of Fine Arts, which is having a fundraising
ball, it meant, Gold said, that "we sent posters down. We sent banners
down. We discussed with them what would be appropriate for the media. We
made ad slicks that we sent with the posters."  Robert Wolf, "20-YEAR-OLD
COUNCIL THE CRAFT BEHIND THE ART," _Chicago Tribune_, Sep 27, 1985. pg. 9

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>> Me neither.
>> > "Ad slick" is such a standard term in marketing circles that I
>> > never gave it
>> > any thought. It's use is widespread in the marketing world.
>> I've known the term since 1988 when I first started working in
>> newspapers.
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