Roger Shuy rshuy at MONTANA.COM
Tue Jul 18 18:05:06 UTC 2006

On the Work Sheets of the Linguistic Atlas of the US and Canada, second
edition, edited by Alva Davis, Raven I McDavid and Virginia McDavid, 1969, U
of Chicago Press, page 80, lists under the heading, "vomit":

Vomit  /neutral terms/ purge, puke, skin a goat, vomick, heave (up), cack,
sick, spew, cascade, up-swallow, be ill

These are suggested terms for the field worker to look for. So vomick must
be used somewhere, by someone. When I did about 100 Atlas interviews in
Illinois in 1960-61, I never heard it once. Must be somewhere else.

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