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In OEDs has a quote from H. Kurath (1941) and from American Speech (1963).

1963 Amer. Speech XXXVIII. 121 The term _swamp Yankee may be defined as 'a
rural New England dweller who abides today as a steadfast rustic and who
is of Yankee stock that has endured in the New England area since colonial

Kurath quote mentions hayseed or hayseeder, rustic, and hayback.


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>I've heard the expression to refer to anyone from SE New England,
>particularly around Providence, Fall River or New Bedford.  I've also
>of the SE New England dialect called "Swamp Yankee" by Bostonians, though
>the people of the area concerned regard the term as derogatory.
>Paul Johnston
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>> A question from another list:
>> "-I am reading a book by David Handler, set in Connecticut,
>> that refers to several of the characters as swamp yankees.  My husband
>> born in Connecticut, not far from where the story is set, but this is
>> a phrase he is familiar with."
>> Reading the same book as this poster, I simply assumed a reference to
>> poor, landless, powerless class.  Does the phrase have some more
>> meaning?
>> A. Murie
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