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> last thing, sorry! I foolishly assumed this was too new to be in
> the oed, but
>     2. orig. and chiefly U.S. Freq. in predicative use. Designating
> or characterized by a consciously sophisticated, self-referential,
> and often self-parodying style, whereby something (as a situation,
> person, etc.) reflects or represents the very characteristics it
> alludes to or depicts.
> 1988 New Republic 5 Sept. 17/2 He predicts that, like
> ‘retro’..‘meta’ could become independent from other words, as in
> ‘Wow, this sentence is so meta’. If so, you heard it from me first.
> 1993 Boston Globe 8 Aug. (Electronic ed.), When anchorwoman Connie
> Chung made a guest appearance on sitcom Murphy Brown to advise
> anchorwoman Murphy not to sacrifice her journalistic integrity by
> making a guest appearance on a sitcom, that was just plain meta.
> 1994 D. RUSHKOFF Cyberia III. x. 127 Everything relates to house in
> a self-conscious or ‘meta’ way. 1999 Vanity Fair Aug. 58/1 An
> enterprise such as Brill's Content is inherently ‘meta’, since it
> doesn't review movies, for example, it reviews the reviewers who
> review movies.

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