"go with", again

Jim Parish jparish at SIUE.EDU
Fri Jul 21 10:47:03 UTC 2006

I know we've discussed the construction "go with" (sans object) before.

I'm reading _Two for the Dough_, a mystery novel by Janet Evanovich,
and one of the characters is presented as using that construction:

"Morelli gave me a look of total no-confidence. 'You want me to go
with?' he asked. 'I'm good at thumbscrews.'"

The speaker and the narrator are lifelong New Jerseyites, from the
ethnic neighborhoods of Trenton; Morelli is Italian, and the narrator is of
mixed Italian and Polish ancestry. The author grew up in New Jersey,
and moved to New Hampshire after her marriage.

Has the "go with" construction spread to the East Coast?

Jim Parish

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