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Sat Jul 22 12:32:38 UTC 2006

From:    Jim Parish

> I know we've discussed the construction "go with" (sans object) before.


> Has the "go with" construction spread to the East Coast?

Others have attested to its existence Philadelphia and north; here's a
perspective on the east coast, a bit further south: I use it frequently,
as do my sisters (all born in the 1970s, and raised in Maryland south of
DC); our use of onjectless "go with" (and "come with") is not, AFAICT,
abnormal for Southern Marylanders of our age.

Interestingly, my wife and her siblings (born in the 1970s, and raised
in Maryland north of Baltimore) do not use it. I don't know whether
their use is typical for that area or not, but if it is, perhaps
Baltimore and her surrounding regions have put up some resistance to the

Someone else mentioned that it doesn't seem to exist on the gulf coast.
I'll add that i haven't heard it in peninsular Florida speech, except
among people who were clearly from up north; i *have* seen it in stuff
that (young) peninsular Floridians have written, however.

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