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Nightline last night promised an in-depth report on the ¨man bag¨for tonight (Tuesday).
ABC News: Roddick Serves up Tirade Against 'Man Bags' "Rugged, chunky leather man bags are sensible, as putting too much into your ... ABC News is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. ... - Similar pages

I´d also check ¨grand sombrero¨(like ¨grand slam¨). Not everything´s golden...The ¨1984¨ should be ¨1987¨ in the below cite, I assume.
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> Alex Rodriguez (some New York Yankee player, supposedly good and with a 
> following in the Dominican Republic) struck out four times last night. He received 
> the "golden sombrero." 
> ... 
> Maybe someone with FACTIVA or The Sporting News can check this. Any 
> HDAS entry? 
Dickson's got it from 1989 (Don Baylor), but Factiva and 
Newspaperarchive push it back to 1987 (Pete Rose). 
Associated Press, June 16, 1984 
"We had two guys who got the 'Golden Sombrero' tonight. You know what 
the Golden Sombrero is don't you? It's the hat trick plus one. Our No. 
1 and No. 8 hitters struck out four times each." -- Cincinnati Manager 
Pete Rose. Houston's Mike Scott struck out 14 Reds, leading Houston to 
a 4-0 victory Monday. 
--Ben Zimmer 
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