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FWIW, I heard a Lebanese woman Arab —now at the Carnegie Institute for
Peace—in a long radio interview.  She pronounced “Hezbollah” at least three
ways, distinguished by which syllable was stressed.  I have also heard short
audio clips of Arabs using the word.  They seems to stress the middle
syllable.  Pronunciations supported “Hezb” over “Hizb”.


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Can anyone who knows a bit more (i.e. any) Arabic help out?

(As usual, suggestions should go to Bill Lucey below as well as the list.)




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>Prof Horn,

>I must of heard 5 different pronunciations for Hezbollah over the

>weekend: Hezboolah, Hezbilla, Hezbilaaah, etc etc.

>Do you have any insight as to the correct pronunciation of the

>Thank You



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