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It's a replay of "Muslim" v. "Moslem."


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> Alice Faber's reply is very helpful.  Here now (below my signoff) is a =
> bit more from Google.=20
> Gerald Cohen=20
> "...I wonder why the Western media uses the spelling 'Hezbollah'? See =
> this note from Wikipedia:
> 1. ^ The name ???? ????? is transliterated from the Arabic in a number =
> of ways. An exact transliteration would be hizbu' llah. Hezbollah is =
> predominantly used by American media, such as CNN, Fox News and The New =
> York Times, as well as by the BBC and The Times in the UK, but the =
> organization itself alternatively transliterates its name as Hizbollah =
> or Hizbullah. The leading English-language newspaper in the region, the =
> Daily Star of Beirut, transliterates it as Hizbullah, as do the British =
> newspapers The Guardian and The Economist. The Guardian's Sunday sister =
> publication The Observer and British newspapers The Independent and The =
> Daily Telegraph prefer Hizbollah, however, as does the American =
> Christian Science Monitor. Both Hizbollah and Hezbollah are common =
> transliterations into other languages with a Latin-based alphabet, such =
> as French, Spanish, Italian and the Nordic languages. It may, however, =
> also be written as Hizballah or Hisbollah, and the literal Arabic =
> version Hizb Allah, which is used by Al Jazeera. [Emphasis added] "Hizb" =
> (party) is the Modern Standard Arabic pronunciation, and "Hezb" is =
> closer to Persian and to Lebanese dialect. The 'h' is pharyngeal in =
> Arabic, but a normal 'h' sound in Persian. The "-llah" ending, =
> originally "Allah", means "(the) God". The name is derived from a =
> Qu'ranic aayat (verse) referring to those who belong to and follow the =
> "Party of God".
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