Hash(ed) Brown(s) (Potatoes)

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>>"Hash browns" were served in the Dominican Republic, so I thought I'd
>>re-check "hash(ed) brown potatoes."
>>30 November  1892, Indiana (PA) Progress, pg. 7:
>>Mrs. Rorer gave her audience a  shock the other day while lecturing at
>> the
>>Health and Food Exhibition in New  Haven, Conn., by prophesying dire
>>disaster as
>>a result of indulgence in "hashed  brown potatoes." She had visited
>> insane
>>asylums, she said, and found that many  of the inmates had been
>>addicted to the
>>use of potatoes fried after being  boiled. Ergo, potatoes cooked in this
>> way
>>appear to produce insanity.
> This explains a good deal!

Here's a 1905 (unverified) "hashed browned potatoes":

Hashed Browned Potatoes

Chop four cold potatoes fine, and add one teaspoonful of salt
and a very little pepper.  Put a tablespoonful of butter in the
frying-pan, and turn it so it runs all over;  when it bubbles
put in the potatoes, and smooth them evenly over the pan.  Cook
till they are brown and crusty on the bottom; then put in a
teaspoonful of chopped parsley, and fold over like an omelette.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, A Little Cook Book for a Little Girl, by
Caroline French Benton (1905)

Chris Waigl
uh, this is exactly the OTHER type of pan-fried potatoes compared to the
asylum cite... which ones are hash browns supposed to be -- the raw or the
cooked ones (before frying)?

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