Pico de gallo (1958)

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Another form of pico de gallo is now sold throughout
California.  It's a mixture of chile powder and lime powder sold in a
shaker (like a salt shaker), intended to be sprinkled on fruits to
give them a kick.  Pushcart vendors in Mexican neighborhoods sprinkle
it on peeled mangoes on a stick

Pete Farruggio

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>I have endless meetings with relatives (a funeral is  tomorrow) and one=20
>served "pico de gallo," prompting this re-check.
>23 February 1958, <i>Independent Star-News</i> (Pasadena, CA),  Scene sectio=
>(story about Guadalajara, Mexico), pg. 29:
>Ponder this near-fatal event and its historical repercussions over a  tequil=
>chased by a "pico de gallo"  (orange, jicama fruit and small, red  and hot=20
>chile pepper) and the stern stuff of the Mexican Revolution will seem  real.
>(Oxford English Dictionary)
>pico de gallo, n.
>Chiefly U.S. =20
>[< Mexican Spanish pico de gallo a spicy Mexican relish, lit.  =E2=80=98cock=
>beak=E2=80=99 < Spanish pico (see _PICO-_=20
>fword=3Dpico-&ps=3Dcomb.%20form)  comb.  form) + de _DE_=20
>171&result_place=3D4&xrefword=3Dde&ps=3Dprep.)  prep. +  gallo cockerel (120=
>7; <=20
>classical Latin gallus: see _GALLINE_=20
>&xrefword=3Dgalline&ps=3Dadj.)  adj.).
>It is uncertain why the  Spanish phrase should be used in this sense; one=20
>suggested explanation is that  this is due to the heat of the dish
>painful sensation on the tongue,  similar to being pecked by a bird.]  =20
>A Mexican salsa or salad, typically made with coarsely  chopped tomatoes,=20
>onions, lemon juice, chillies, and coriander, and served as an  accompanimen=
>t. =20
>1962  Los Angeles Times E17/1  (heading) Pico de Gallo (Comb of the Rooster)=
>1970  Pomona (Calif.)  Progress-Bull. 20 Feb. B3/5 Mexican fried  rice,=20
>orange and cucumber salad called pico de gallo, and lemonade. 1991  Food & W=
>Aug. 79/1 With  the addition of cilantro, it is known as pico de gallo, a=20
>popular, all-purpose salsa. 2002  Time Out N.Y. 25 Apr. 35/4  Jamaican-seaso=
>scallops with pico de gallo.
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