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Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Sun Jul 30 19:08:23 UTC 2006

New Marine slang?

Slate, May 24, 2006
"They're behind us, turkey-peeking around the corner!" the Marine shouted.
Time, May 29, 2006
Insurgents bob their heads out of homes to catch a glimpse of the
Marines -- "turkey peeking," as the troops call it -- a sign that they
are preparing to attack.
AP, June 5, 2006
Sometimes suspected insurgents will pop their heads around corners to
get a glimpse of U.S. forces, a tactic Marines call "turkey peeking"
that often prefaces a burst of insurgent gunfire.
Third Way Dispatch, July 12, 2006
Remember, they liked to stick their heads out around corners to locate
our positions before attacking us, we called it the turkey peek.
AP, July 29, 2006
Sometimes individual gunmen attack, other times dozens. Once Wilson
shot an insurgent who was "turkey peeking" -- Marine slang for
stealing glances at U.S. positions from behind a corner.

--Ben Zimmer

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