Boggled down in eggcorns

Mark Peters markpeters33 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jun 2 01:48:12 UTC 2006

I heard Reggie Miller say this one during a TNT NBA playoff game, and sure enough, it's out there:

  Why get boggled down in the minutiae of MSDS management.

  Don't get boggled down worrying about outlines and rules, just tell a bunch of stories that happen to the same group of people.

  I'm right sometimes. You know it's hard when you're basing it just on watching television and following it in the newspapers. And at the same time, quite honestly, you can get boggled down with too much information as well and lose sight of something that's right there in front of you -- an obvious choice.

  I'm quite fond of "Professional Photograhy". It's a UK magazine with interesting articles from a pro perspective. I also occasionally read "Practical Photography". I'm more fond of the UK magazines than the US ones. I find that the US ones feel too...messy. The articles get boggled down in tons of advertising and the layouts usually don't appeal to me. But mainly it's the advertising that bothers me a lot.

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