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The OED does not yet have _Islamo-Fascism_ (nor even _Islamo-_ at all as a
prefix).  There is an entire Wikipedia article devoted to listing
competing claims to have coined this term.  The earliest documentation
mentioned there, also the earliest Nexis hit, is the following:

Malise Ruthven authored an article '"Construing Islam as a language" that
appeared on 8 September 1990 in The Independent on 8 September 1990 in the
Faith and Reason series:
"Nevertheless there is what might be called a political problematic
affecting the Muslim world. In contrast to the heirs of some other
non-Western traditions, including Hinduism, Shintoism and Buddhism,
Islamic societies seem to have found it particularly hard to
institutionalise divergences politically: authoritarian government, not to
say Islamo-fascism, is the rule rather than the exception from Morocco to

I have not searched Factiva/Dow Jones/Westlaw, Newspaperarchive, JSTOR, or
Questia for this term.

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