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At 9:34 AM -0400 6/5/06, RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:
>An interesting list. Many of these terms and expressions are much more
>general than just UP, e.g.,
>BAKERY: Baked goods, rather than a place where things are baked. "Go store an
>get me some bakery, eh?"
>BIKE RIDING: In Yoopanese, it's not always aufficient to say "biking,"
>"skiing," or "snowmobiling." Instead, substitute the phrase "bike
>riding," also
>"snowmachine riding," or even "ski riding."
>I didn't check DARE for any of the items on the list, but I suspect that DARE
>gives a much better picture on most of them.
And some are not particularly dialectal.  I did some work on "unthaw"
for a paper I wrote some years ago on similar (predictably) redundant
un-verbs and found a lot of attestations, including some from the OED
going back to 1598, my favorite of which is this ethnoslur on

1699 T. BROWN Gent. Holland Wks. 1711 IV. 316 The Men..are cold to
such a degree, that neither Love nor Wine can unthaw them.

But I did enjoy reading the entries, some of which (especially
featuring Toivo and those...er, dose dentals) I can mentally hear in
the voices of Da Yoopers.


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