Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Mon Jun 5 23:28:12 UTC 2006

        This would, of course, be earlier than Mieder's 1846 example.
In light of the many who cite to Frost for this proverb, it's another
reason why we need to see the Yale Book of Quotations (currently $30 at as soon as possible.

John Baker

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>        As Frost himself recognizes, it is an old saying and of
> incontestable accuracy where there are cows or other animals that can
> damage crops.  Here's an 1859 example, from Transactions of the State
> Agricultural Society of Michigan; With Reports of County Agricultural
> Societies, for the Year 1859, Vol. XI, at 342 (1861) (via Making of
> America):

There are a number of examples from the 1830s and 1840s findable on the
databases.  The earliest I have found is 1834 in American Periodical
Series, I believe.

Fred Shapiro

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