"Plough with the favorite heifer", 1749

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>Subject: "Plough with the favorite heifer", 1749
>"We are informed that a certain Foreign . . . who
>makes a very splendid Figure amongst us, has
>already lern'd to pursue the old English Maxim of
>ploughing with the favorite Heifer, which he
>thoroughly understands in the metaphorical Sense;
>and that a certain Naturaliz'd C-n-ss, in
>Conformity to this Maxim, was lately entertain'd
>by him with great Splendour and Expense."
>Northampton [England] Mercury, 23 October 1749
>(G. A. Cranfield, "The Development of the
>Provincial Newspaper, 1700-1760", page 70).
>What do you have, Fred?  With my limited
>sources:  not found Googling; from OED2, this
>sense of plough goes back to 1606,
>Shakespeare:  Ant. & Cl. ii. ii. 233 Royall
>Wench: She made great C├Žsar lay his sword to bed,
>He ploughed her, and she cropt.

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