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a (non-linguist) colleague reports omnipresent use of "tweak" in its
adjustment sense and wondered when the fashion for it began.  it
certainly is common in computer contexts, as you can see from a bit
of googling.  in any case, from OED2 (1989) under tweak v.:

5. To make fine adjustments to (a mechanism).

1966 Punch 16 Feb. 233/1 He has been running a Morris 1100 ‘tweaked
so it'll do nearly 100’. 1971 Daily Tel. 13 Oct. 11/1 The three-litre
V6 engines..have been ‘tweaked’ to produce eight per cent. more
power. 1978 Gramophone May 1960/1 It was possible to improve its
performance very considerably by ‘tweaking’ the internal pre-set


notice the quotation marks on these early cites; they suggest that
the writers found the usage notable (recent, rare, and/or unfamiliar).

so it's been around for some time.  the question is when it took off
and became really frequent.  and how frequent it actually is, in what
contexts.  anyone looked into this?

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