Glovelet & Firecrotch (Lindsey Lohan terminology)

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GLOVELET--806 Google hits
FIRECROTCH--201,000 Google hits
I don't understand the media's constant fascination with Lindsey Lohan.
"Firecrotch" was popularized while I was away. (Double Tongue Word  Wrester?)
There's a picture of a glovelet ("Glovelet is next big thing") in  today's New
York Post.
(NEW YORK POST, June 7, 2006, pg. 3)



June 7, 2006 -- No, Lindsay Lohan didn't hurt her  hand punching Brandon
Davis - she's simply sporting a tiny leather glovelet, the  hottest new Chanel
Priced to break the bank (even if it barely covers your hand), these punk
muffs will cost about $700 when they hit stores in the fall.
La Lohan was showing off a sneak-peak pair from designer Karl Lagerfeld at
Monday night's Council of Fashion Designers of America awards. But versions of
the four-inch leather tubes are already selling out in city stores.
"We call them mitts - as opposed to fingerless gloves," said Jay Ruckel, vice
 president of LaCrasia, the city's premier glove destination.
Demand for the mitts, of which Ruckel estimates he sells "a few hundred
pairs" each month, is about to go through the roof now that Lohan - infamously
called a "firecrotch" by oil heir Davis - and other young celebs have been
spotted throwing down their gauntlets.
Cut-out gloves for ladies first graced the Chanel couture catwalk in autumn
2004 and have been a mainstay of the collection ever since. But the size has
gotten smaller and smaller through the seasons, while the price keeps

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Fashion--the long and the short of it--in pristine white with French seams!
Glovelets have openwork and fagotting...our to-the-elbow is classically
_Brandon Davis: Lindsay Lohan Is a  'Firecrotch'_
tv-headlines) -  <NOBR>May 1
... com, Davis is seen club hopping on Tuesday night (May 16) and  goes on a
tirade about Lohan's anatomy, using a word that won't be found in  Webster's:
"firecrotch ...
_Paris  Hilton And Brandon David Diss Lindsay Lohan Big time!!!...._
Entertainmentwise, UK -  <NOBR>May  1
... Davis went on to say that  Lohan has freckles coming out of her vagina,
that she had an eight foot long  clitoris and that she is a "firecrotch" all
the while ...

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