Manny (male nanny)

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Fri Jun 9 00:41:38 UTC 2006

"Manny" (HDAS? Double Tongued Word Wrester?) is all over the news  today.
_Britney's 'manny' unmasked_ 
Ireland Online, Ireland -  <NOBR>11  ho
... has recruited 28-year-old  Perry Taylor to help her with her son and some 
members of the US media have  started referring to him as her ‘manny’ (male 
nanny). ... 
New York  Post, NY -  <NOBR>18 ho
By  SAM BLAKE. Sixteen years after Charles stopped being in Charge, the male  
nanny - the manny - is the sauciest trend in child care.  ... 
_Britney Spears' Manny Uncovered_ 
(  <NOBR>De
_New Nanny Or 'Manny' For Britney  Spears?_ 
(  <NOBR>Musicroo

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