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"Dutchman" dates from at least 1960, if not from some earlier
analogous uses (OED2, sense 4)?


At 6/9/2006 10:28 AM, you wrote:
>[a block of marble, needed to patch and repair the stone facade of the
>Met Life building near Madison Square, was found at an abandoned
>. . . it ultimately yielded 250 of the custom-fitted repair pieces that
>stone restorers call "dutchmen."
>NY Times, Jun4 4, 2006, section 14 [the City section].p. 1 col. 4
>Also, with reference to Bill Mullins' recent poting "If it's not in
>the dictionary, it must not be a word":
>Looking in Proquest's NYTimes files for something else, I stumbled on
>an Inquisition to be Admitted to the Select 500,000."  By F.A. AUSTIN.
>New York Times, June 3, 1923. S[unday] Magazine] p. 11
>In addition to the text, there is a fine illustration of some words
>grovelling abjectly at the feet of a lexicographer, hoping that he
>will benignly smile upon them and admit them to his dictionary.  (At
>first glance I thought the lexicographer bore a striking resemblance
>to our Jesse Sheidlower, but it must be co-incidental; he probably
>wasn't that well known in the field in 1923.)
>George A. Thompson
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