If it's not in the dictionary, it must not be a word

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Fri Jun 9 19:12:28 UTC 2006

Yes, I have.  I sent Cowing an email about the subject, and he sent
Zimmer and me a semi-snide comment back about spelling (and I might
note, his email to me had a typo).  I apologized to him for having
misspelled his name; his acceptance of said apology was less than

And I figured my original error here (which is the source of Ben's
misspelling in his (pre-correction) Language Log post) deserved

If I'm gonna nit-pick others, I need to get my own nits in a row.

(And as I told Ben off-line, I am but an unsworn deputy in the
Linguistic Police force, without arrest powers.)

> >In this post yesterday, I misspelled Keith Cowing's name.
> My apologies.
> >
> Too late; you've given all of us "linguistic police" officers
> a bad name.  (See Update #2 in Ben's post at
> http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/003240.htm
> l and the brief post by Cowing in the link.  Wonder if
> Cowing's disparaging reference to "Lanuage Log" was another
> instance of the Law at work...)
> LH

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