Liberty Pole (pre-1780 cites needed)

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Sun Jun 11 21:47:22 UTC 2006

I just added "Liberty pole." Is there an cite in Early American Newspapers
(not available in the Popik home) that has "Liberty pole" before OED?
(Oxford English Dictionary)
<i>liberty-pole</i>,  a tall mast or staff with a Phrygian cap or other
symbol of liberty on the  top.

1775-83 _THACHER_ (
Mil. Jrnl. (1823) 22 *Liberty  poles were erected in almost every town and
villge..under which the tory is  compelled to sign a recantation. 1789  _GOUV.
MORRIS_ (  in
Sparks Life & Writ. (1832) II. 70 The soldiers were then paraded in triumph to the
Palais Royal,  which is now the liberty pole of this city.

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