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>>>>>Another good example is the chain of bars "Fuddpuckers".
>>>>cf. "You ain't so muckin' fuch."  I guess metathesis is a common form
>>>>of disingenuous taboo avoidance...
>>>Wikipedia's list of spoonerisms includes many more:
>Although it's not strictly on track I can't resist adding a piece of
>Linguistic folklore from back when I (and several others on this
>list) were young 'uns.  Back in Generative Semantics days there was
>much to-do about 'vice versa', and wandering around orally (I don't
>think it was ever published) was the perfect 'vice versa' sentence
>(attributed to someone many folks on this list know, but I'll omit
>her name as a gesture towards the fact that we were all wilder then.)
>     I'm too fucking busy, and vice versa.

Actually, we've discussed this on the list; it's a mot attributed to
Dorothy Parker ("Tell him I'm too fucking busy, and vice versa").  As
I recall, there was the usual debate over whether this was an actual
or apocryphal witticism--in either case, it is at least the classic
"mot d'escalier".


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