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> The Express reports on some additions to the English
> language, compiled by the dictionary-makers at Macmillan publishers.
> Impressionable types who always follow the latest trends are 'sheeple'
> while grabbing lunch in the office is known as eating 'al desko.'
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"Sheeple" has been used for a while to refer to those who are the
opposite of Libertarians.  You see it often in the pro-gun blogs and

"Harassing 'Sheeple' " by James E. Keenan [letter to editor]
Maryland | Frederick | Frederick Post, The | 1999-05-06 p. A-6 col 1.
"Too many people today are better called "sheeple."  They will submit to
humiliation or harassment by any
two-bit creep who is given a little authority."

"In New Hampshire, 'Live Free or Die' Is More Than a Motto --- Yankee
Thriftiness Is Echoed In School, Arts Budgets; Woodpile Lasts Forever"
By Bob Davis. Wall Street Journal.  New York, N.Y.: Feb 27, 1984. pg. 1
"Mrs. Anderson begins every book sale with a lecture, and in this
instance she derides taxpayers in general as submissive "sheep people"
-- or "sheeple" for short."

"Freedom Is All for 'Patriot' " By GLORIA WRIGHT New York | Syracuse |
Post Standard, The | 1981-07-18 p. C-1 col 1
"The worst tax of all is 'inflation,' the word that is used to try and
pacify the 'sheeple.' "

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