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The late Branch Rickey who among other things invented the farm system in
baseball and integrated it via Jackie Robinson was said to have used Judas
Priest quite often.

According to legend Rickey also never attended or played in a baseball game
on a Sunday since he had promised his mother never to do so.

Godfrey Daniel! as WC Fields used to say.

This is a tangent but one of my fathers'  law school classmates at The
University of Micigan was Branch Rickey Junior and one day dad and junior
were standing in line in order to get their lunch when they overheard to
law students arguing over whether a runner on second should take third if a
ball was hit to the shortstop and one of them said that I know they should
do so because I have seen  many Cardinal games, and they do it every time.

According to dad that was enough for Junior and so he politely said,
"Perhaps I should introduce myself. My name is Branch Rickey Junior, and my
father is the general manager of the Cardinals. I am working my way through
law school by spending my summers managing Cardinal  teams in the minor
leagues, and all I can tell you is that I would fine any player who
attempted to anything so stupid."

That story is for my fellow SABR members on this list.

Page Stephens

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> Bill Mullins writes:
> >The character Lt. Howard Hunter on "Hill Street Blues" used to say
> >"Judas Priest" as a profanity, but the band with that name goes back to
> >the late sixties.
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> "Judas Priest!" was certainly around in the thirties, when I frequently
> heard it from a playmate of mine.  We were a pretty "gosh darn" lot,
> observing the taboos of the day, but without necessarily thinking of our
> expletives as evasions of taboo ones.
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