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   Today I received a request from a Russian journalist about the expression "energy superpower."  Does anyone have anything to pass along that might be of help to him?  "Energy superpower" and "oil superpower" seem very ordinary expressions to me, hardly worthy of special notice.  But evidently to Russians interested in our language the expression *is* worthy of attention, and perhaps some insight can emerge from this.

    The message I received is reproduced below my signoff. Please send replies directly to Mr. Zlobin, with a cc. to ads-l.

Gerald Cohen

> ----------
> From:         Andrey Zlobin
> Sent:         Wednesday, June 14, 2006 1:13 PM
> To:   Cohen, Gerald Leonard
> Subject:      Russian magazine
> Dear Mr. Gerald Cohen,
> My name is Andrey Zlobin. I am a correspondent for the Russian magazine Smart Money (weekly edition of the daily newspaper Vedomosti).
> I am writing an article about the term Energy Superpower wich recently is using concerning Russia.
> Could you give us some commentary by phone (or by e-mail) over the origin of this term, if there are difference entre ENERGY SUPERPOWER and
> Thank you very much,
> Andrey Zlobin, Reporter
> Smart Money magazine, Russia (www.smoney.ru)
> E-mail: a.zlobin at vedomosti.ru
> Phone: (7 495) 232 3200 ext.1849
> Fax: (7 495) 232 9285, 232 1761

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