"energy superpower--uh oh.

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FWIW, Jerry, "Vedomosti" is a Russian newspaper published jointly by
The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. www.vedomosti.ru is
its site. Hope this helps take a load off your mind.


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>   I just sent to ads-l a message I received from Russia inquiring about"energy
> superpower." But I instantly received a message from my campus' server that
> my cc. to Mr. Zlobin (the Russian journalist who wrote to me) is
> undeliverable.  I don't think his message to me is spam, but just in case it is,
> it might be best not to reply to him and to write instead only to ads-l.
> Meanwhie, I'll try contacting Mr. Zlobin again, just in case we deal merely
> with some computer glitch.
> Gerald Cohen
> P.S. Here is the rejection I received concerning my message to Mr. Zlobin.
> Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.
>       Subject:  Fwd: Re: "Energy superpower"--request for help by a Russian journalist
>       Sent:     Today, 8:00 PM
> The following recipient(s) could not be reached:
>       'a.zlobin at vedomosti.ru ' on Today, 8:00 PM
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