"Destination wedding"; "Seat on the NYSE is license to steal"

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I discussed "destination wedding" on ADS-L a while ago. I was getting married...
In the New York Post, June 15th, pg. 50, John Crudele ("Taking Stock") discusses Ken Langone's crack that a seat on the New York Stock Exchange historically has meant "a license to steal." Langone said this is an "old saying."
I don't have the Historical WSJ handy, or any other databases. Check "seat" and "stock exchange" and "license to steal" or "print money." Any cites?
Agitator.com: Grasso: Comments ... that Dick's pay is fair and reasonable,'" said Kenneth G. Langone, ... It is, quite simply, "a license to steal." (Excuse my rhetoric, as even its ...
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21st Century Options Hotline: The Single-Stock Futures Revolution A friend of mine who owns a seat on the New York Stock Exchange has bragged to me for years that he "has a license to steal." ...
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Yesterday I learned a new term:  "destination wedding"--
which could be defined (roughly) as 'wedding that's
scheduled at a site distant from the residence of the bride,
the bridegroom, and their families'.

That is, the term is new to ME, and it seems to have
acquired prevalence not much earlier than the late-1990s.
Nexis has an instance from 1990, then a total of 30 from the
remainder of the 1990s (some may be repeats)--in contrast to
an even 100 from 2005, with 63 so far in 2006.  A Google
search returns 872,000 raw hits (plus another 172 in books).

The term came up in a class I'm teaching, which comprises 24
females and 11 males.  Of the females, 100% knew the term;
of the males (including the teacher), 0%.  I reckon it's a
gender-dialect thing . . . .


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