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CRUNCHY CONS--77,300 Google hits
"Crunchy Conservatives" came up in conversation, and I guess that Rod  Dreher 
coined it with his 2002 article and 2006 book.
I think Conservatives should be soft baked and not crunchy, but that's just  
_Rise of the 'Crunchy Cons'_ 
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA -  <NOBR>May 27,
... "The fundamental difference  between crunchy conservatives and mainstream 
conservatives has to  do with the place of the free market in society. ... 
_Guardian Unlimited Web_ 
Guardian Unlimited, UK -  <NOBR>Jun 2,
... Crunchy  conservatives are as anti-consumerist and as sceptical about big 
business  as the left; they detest suburban sprawl, shopping malls, fast-food 
eateries  ... 

_Any sane non-Libertarians out there?_ 
... Reminded me of an article I read in National Review this issue -  about 
Conservatives" -- people who are mistrustful of  big business and big 
government ...   
(  -  Sep 29 2002, 5:26 pm by Bromo AT IX DOT NETCOM DOT COM - 175 
messages - 22  authors 
Crunchy Cons: How Birkenstocked Burkeans, gun-loving  organic gardeners, 
evangelical free-range farmers, hip homeschooling mamas,  right-wing nature 
lovers, ... America (or at least the Republican Party)  (Hardcover) 
by _Rod Dreher_ 
July 12, 2002 8:45 a.m.
Birkenstocked  Burkeans
Confessions of a granola  conservative.   
alking with  a conservative friend the other day, I mentioned that my wife 
and I were having  a friend over to dinner, and were going to serve him all 
kinds of delicious  vegetables from the organic food co-op to which we belong. 
Then again, Julie and I are probably the crunchiest — as in granola —  
conservatives we know (hey, my bride even makes her own granola). In some  
respects, the life we live and the values we share have more in common with  left-wing 
counterculturalists than with many garden-variety conservatives. What  we 
share is a disdain for, or at least a healthy suspicion of, mass culture. It  
makes for interesting bedfellows.

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