Spondulix (1848); Spondulicks (1855)

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My earliest "spondulix"/ "-icks" is only 1856.  It seems to have been widely current by the time of the Civil War.

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HDAS has--?
(Oxford English Dictionary)
slang. orig. U.S.
Money, cash. Also, a piece of money, a coin.
1857 in R. H. Thornton Amer. Gloss. (1912), He lost..All the brass and all
the needful, All the spondulix and buttons.

12 January 1848, Tioga Eagle (Wellsboro, PA), pg. 4, col. 3:
Bill has got the _rocks_, _tin_, _spoons_, _spondulix_, or _John Davis_, to
pay for any quantity of GREEN HIDES--and would be extremely, _werry_ happy, to
2 or 4 Journeymen,...
_On Dits in Sporting Circles._
Spirit of the Times; A Chronicle of the Turf, Agriculture, Field Sports,
Literature and the Stage (1835-1861). New York: Jan 27, 1855. Vol. 24, Iss. 50;
p. 594 (1 page)
...each 'orse to change drivers, and the _last_ one in takes the
Spondulicks. Nuff Ced.

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