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On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 11:25:13PM -0700, Geoffrey Nunberg wrote:
> I'm trying to track the emergence of "lib" for (small-l) "liberal" in
> the American political context. The earliest cite I've found is from
> a September 30, 1982 William Safire column in the NYT entitled "The
> Libs are Coming," which contains the sentence, " Clutching their
> compassion, commitment and concern, the Libs are coming!"  (The item
> "radic-lib" seems to go back further.)

It's probably silly of me to say anything before Fred and Ben have
had their turn, but I would point out that OED's entry Lib n.(3),
chiefly for big-L "liberal", does have this small-l quote in a
U.S. political context:

  1973 _Washington Post_ 5 Jan. B1/1 He seems to think the
  senatorial libs just couldn't get it through their thick heads
  that in reality the Family Assistance Plan was another three
  banana jackpot for bureaucratic liberalism.


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