Choral vs. coral

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Cf. the old "hoarse/horse" split--still in New England?  Not generally
elsewhere, as far as I know; but Garrison Keillor has it, for some strange
reason (Minnesota-born and bred, though I've never heard other fellow
Minnesotans have it).


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>Yes, that is a possibility, Mark. Thank you for your suggestion.
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>>Wilson inquires:
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>>Wasn't there once a time when these two words differed in
>>pronunciation as well as in spelling, to wit: choral [kor at l] as in
>>singing vs. [kOr at l] as in reef? Nowadays, they both appear to be
>>pronounced [kor at l].
>>I'm sure this is a regional difference. My dialect doesn't distinguish /or/
>>from /Or/. Have you moved from a distinguishing region to a merging one?
>>m a m
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