Juneteenth (1903, 1907, 1908)

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> "The State Press"  Dallas Morning News  1902-06-26 > Page 6 > col 3.
> "Calvert Courier-Chronicle:  While the Senegambians were enjoying the
> Juneteenth yesterday, the Anglo-Saxons on Main street witnessed the
> payment of a novel wager."
> Senegambians??????

Perhaps the bulk of the Juneteenth celebrants traced roots back to
Senegambia. Or, perhaps, the word was used in lieu of other, harsher words.


"Dr. Hall and other experts in the field say the data have conclusively
proved that two-thirds of African captives brought to Louisiana in the early
part of the slave trade, before 1730, were from the Senegambia area of West
Africa, unlike other ethnic groups that went to the East Coast. The culture
they brought with them -- music, language, food, folklore -- became the
foundation of Louisiana's distinctive Creole culture, a way of life for both
whites and blacks for hundreds of years to this day."

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