"Eeyore" noun attr.

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jun 26 02:53:47 UTC 2006

At 10:32 PM -0400 6/25/06, sagehen wrote:
>  >At 6:32 AM -0700 6/24/06, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>>>Is that anything like a "Garrison Keillor" voice?
>>>    JL
>>Or a Robert J. Lurtesma one, of semi-sainted memory?
>  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>  Oh, my.  I'd nearly forgotten Robt J.  His morning program opened with a
>couple of minutes of nothing but birdsong.  I didn't *really* want to get
>up at 5am or 6, but he got me hooked by playing the Bach unaccompanied
>cello suites every morning for a week one summer, & by then I'd got
>accustomed to the radio alarm's early bird voices.
>But Eeyore voice?  I dunno.
Well, low and slow and gentle, which is what I assume we were
circling around (at least with Jon's Garrison Keillor reference).
What I liked was how he'd proceed chronologically, on the (valid)
assumption that we wanted to start out with something like those Bach
cello suites, or earlier medieval and Baroque, then in the next hour
proceed to Classical, then 19th century, and only get to the modern
stuff toward the end (at least that where I assumed he was going, but
I tended not to listen during that last hour...).  Very sensible and
humane strategy.


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