Geoduck (1881)

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I just thought I'd do a re-check on this one. There's not much new, and
still no hint on what "geoduck" means. How could the digitized Morning Oregonian
be so useless?
29 September 1881, Decatur (IL) Review, pg. ?, col. 7:
The boys at Olympia, Washington Territory, call them geoducks. They dig  them
at a certain  sand bar at extreme low tide and sell them to a  merchant, who
ships them to Portland, Oregon, where they readily sell at fair  prices. The
Indians dry them for food as they do clams.
_The  Geoduck._
BY JOHN A. RYDER.. Scientific American (1845-1908). New York: Apr 29, 1882.
Vol.  Vol. XLVI., Iss. No. 17.; p. 264 (1 page)

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