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Wed Jun 28 14:30:14 UTC 2006

From the LINGUIST List:
(which interestingly is titled with a blend: "Calls: Lexicolography")
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Linguistic Field(s): English;Lexicography

Call Deadline: 20-Dec-2006

The first issue of Lexis, E-Jounal in English Lexicology, will deal with
'Polysemy'; Catherine Paulin, University of Besan�on, and Henri B�joint,
University of Lyon, are in charge of this issue. Abstracts and articles
will be sent via email at lexis at

The first issue of Lexis will be devoted to polysemous lexical units.
Polysemy, an enriching word-formation process which is particularly active
in natural languages, will be studied in its diachronic and synchronic
dimensions. All contributions will focus on the semantic variation of
lexical units, from different angles and points of view: historical,
discursive, situational and distributional. Semantic change will be tackled
in its different aspects:

- Etymological: homonymy versus polysemy
- Metonymic and metaphorical relations
- Syntactic relations: compounding, conversion, argumental structures.

Contributions centered around componential analysis, semantic restriction
or enlargement are welcome. Contributors are also invited to confront semic
analysis with the notion of an invariant semantic core value.

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