Potato Skins & Roy Rogers; OT: Google goes crazy

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Thu Jun 29 01:21:01 UTC 2006

I ate at Friday's tonight (only a block away). Friday's claims it  "invented"
potato skins as an appetizer in 1974. OED is doing the letter "P."  Any
potato skin entry?
Friday's serves a Shirley Temple (cherry and Sierra Mist) and a Roy ROgers
(cherry and Pepsi).
_Du  Tour; Lo, the potato skin has risen from the garbage! The potato skin
has risen  from the garbage _
Christine Winter. Chicago Tribune (1963-Current file). Chicago, Ill.: Aug 6,
1979. p. C1 (2 pages)
Pg. 3:
TGO Friday in Schaumburg is one of those places that is even developing a
following for its potato skins. On the menu since the restaurant opened a year
and a half ago, they have become especially popular as an appetizer. You can
order the baked half skin, which has been deep fried with a dip of sour cream
and chives, or covered with a quarter pound of cheddar cheese and bacon  bits.
_The  Boulevard: a Sight for Irish Eyes_
STEVE HARVEY.  Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles,  Calif.:
Jul 31, 1979. p. OC_A1 (1 page)
The drink consisting of 7-up and grenadine is commonly called a Roy Rogers
(when served to boys) or a Shirley Temple (for girls).
My hits today are way, way off. Yesterday was down also, by a significant
amount. After a good morning yesterday. my website's activity seems to have
2,330 page impression and 96 ad clicks
WEDNESDAY (9 p.m.)
328 page impressions and 15 ad clicks.
What the hell is going on?
About a month ago, I'd type in "Big Apple" in Google and my site was number
five. Now, it's not even in the first 65 pages of results, behind some truly
dreadful old sites.
When I search for "The Big Apple" + "Popik," my site is on Google search
page five?
Even compared to YAHOO!, the results seem off.
POPIK--Barrypopik.com is on first page on Google, at number 4. It was  almost
always number one for "Popik."
BIG APPLE--Barrypopik.com is not anywhere on the first 65 pages of Google
BIG APPLE CORNER--The Wikipedia's "Big Apple & "Barry Popik" are the  first
two results. Even an ADS-L post is number two on result page 2. However,
Barrypopik.com is number two on result page 8.
THE BIG APPLE + NICKNAME--Barrypopik.com is on the very last search result
page, number 4 on the 46th search result page.
THE BIG APPLE + POPIK--Barrypopik.com is the seventh hit on result page  5.
POPIK--A page from Barrypopik.com is number one, and another Barrypopik.com
page is number four.
BIG APPLE--Barrypopik.com is 73 and also 80 on result page 8.
BIG APPLE CORNER--Barrypopik.com is the first result on page 2.
THE BIG APPLE + NICKNAME--Barrypopik.com is on the first result page, at 6
and 7.
THE BIG APPLE + POPIK--Barrypopik.com is the first result.
Did Google just kill my website and not tell me? Also, if Google  Adsense
pays you "before the end of the month," wouldn't you get a check for  May's
earnings by June 28th?

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