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From:    Bapopik at AOL.COM
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> POPIK--Barrypopik.com is on first page on Google, at number 4. It was  almost
> always number one for "Popik."
> BIG APPLE--Barrypopik.com is not anywhere on the first 65 pages of Google
> results

Hey--just think about what it does to your self-esteem to plug in your
*own* *name* (with or without quotation marks, doesn't matter) and end
up nowhere in the first 100 results...

(=david bowie linguistics= does pretty good for me, though, even though
my professional homepage is lower than my CV and my list of links; top
link is Jesse Sheidlower's _Slate_ article on the 2005 ADS WotY vote,
which i'll happily let people see as their first impression of me.)


David, who *still* thinks "wardrobe malfunction" should have won
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