Antedating of "Egyptology"

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        Slightly earlier, in a magazine article also referring to

        <<Whatever may have been the extent of Mr. G.'s attainments,
when he first adopted Egyptology, as a profession, he soon made them
_more_ than sufficient for his purposes, and has succeeded in
popularising Antiquarian researches to an extent before unknown in the
history of science.>>

A Sketch of the Progress of Archaeological Science in America, Southern
Literary Messenger, July 1845, at 420, 426 (Making of America).

John Baker

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"Egyptology" appears in a publication dated 1846. Page 3 top line, right
column in google book search (though incorrectly titled and dated there
as Ancient Egypt, Her Monuments.... 1847--but that's a different, longer
book) for George Gliddon, New Series of Archaeological Lectures on
Ancient Egypt...
(Philadelphia, October, 1846), even though the keyword search for
Egyptology appears not to work. This work, like the 1847 Fraser's
Magazine one above, refers to Ch. Bunsen's work Aegyptus Stelle (not in
the library here). Perhaps Bunsen coined the word in German in 1845?
Gliddon 1846: "He has brought with him the most recent works, plates &c.
bearing upon Egyptology...."

Stephen Goranson

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