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Prolly a useless comment, given that it's more like whining about a
pet peeve than like anything else, but I've *always* known that both
TILL and UNTIL are good English words as long as I've been relatively
fluent in the English language, ca.sixty years. It's passing strange
is that people born in the '50's-'80's, seemimgly out of nowhere, have
decided that there's something wrong with the spelling or the use of
TILL without so much as cracking a dictionary or a grammar. As for
people who can't handle what may be termed "slang spelliings" or even
"joke spellings" like "nite" and "thru," let them go back to arguing
that "ain't" ain't a word.


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> I've responded back channel to Geoff, but he's misconstrued a couple
> of things that happened on the show.
> I think Geoff misunderstood what I was going to say about "till." I
> was going to say what he said, only without the details: that "till"
> is a perfectly okay form. But he did it better than I could and the
> show was better for it.
> "Keep up the fight" means "keep caring enough about language to get
> into arguments over it" not "keep fighting to preserve language the
> way it is."
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