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>The site Bloggingheads.tv has been using the word "diavlog" to refer
>to its video-blog dialog(ue)s between Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus.
>Added Dec 29 [2005] by Robert Wright re: Nostrablogus Speaks
>For the record: After announcing near the outset of this video that in
>it Mickey and I were experimenting with a format "we call the diavlog"
>I got around to actually googling "diavlog" and got two hits. One was
>actually for "dia-vlog" (hyphenated)--a kind of interactive
>video-editing game that has something in common with our `diavlog' but
>is a very different kind of thing. (Seems cool, btw.) The other hit
>led to a discussion in which someone threw out "diavlog" as one of
>several possible names for some new conversational video genre that
>was only vaguely described and that, so far as I could tell, hasn't
>been realized--and that, in any event, seems not to have taken up
>"diavlog" as its name. I guess we could spell it "diavlogue" and be
>completely original. ("Did you mean: dialogue," asks
>Google.)...[12/30/05 Etymological update: bh.TV viewer Jason Kiernan
>e-mails that, shortly before this video was posted, he had applied the
>term "dia-vlog" to bh.tv's regular dialogues in amendments he made to
>the wikipedia entries for me and for kausfiles. He, too, googled only
>after the fact and discovered that his coinage wasn't entirely new,
>even if its application was..]
>The phonotactics of [-vl-] are a bit tricky in English, as I think
>Mickey Kaus unwittingly illustrated via this metathetical typo in a
>recent column:
>In the "diavolg" about Coulter I declare that Bob's recent NYT op-ed
>(the one Coulter was discussing) makes "one very good point" but "went
>astray in a couple of places."
>--Ben Zimmer
How long before someone wonders where the devil the devil is in all this?

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