Non-bridezillas? Bridal fantasists?

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Sat Mar 11 14:53:27 UTC 2006

OT: My website got 9,700 hits just yesterday. It would be nice to afford a
cup of coffee after all this time...I'm getting married tomorrow.
I was at David's Bridal and my future wife chatted with the women there for
the (hopefully) last time. "At least you're getting married," said one store
What did that mean? People go to David's Bridal, make purchases, and don't
get married?
"Oh yes! One woman has been coming in here for three years. She keeps
putting her 'marriage' off," I was told.
This sounds like a short story. OK, maybe one woman is crazy. There's more
than one crazy woman? Women go to David's Bridal, get fittings, buy wedding
gowns, and don't have weddings??
Is there a name for this type of person? Non-bridezilla? Bridal fantasist?  I
tried searching the web for various combinations, such as "David's Bridal"
and  "slang" and "not married," but I couldn't come up with anything. Is this
some  weird, yet unnamed social phenomenon?

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