Handball & Hinder (1951, 1956)

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Two cites.
William Leonard. Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Aug 2,
1951.  p. W6 (1 page)
Mary Hartline, TV star, has been named Lake Shore Hinder club's Queen for
1951, and, for your information, hinder is pronounced to rhyme with cinder, It's
 a handball term, and the aforementioned club is composed of players of that
     _Sunday  Journal And Star_
_Sunday,  April 01, 1956_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=handball+and+hinder+AND+date:1956-04-01)  _Lincoln,_
ge:1759-1957)   _Nebraska_
...The HINDER ANDros picks up his nickname by virtue of  the fact that it's
diff'cult to ... It's tough enough when four slim  fellows get in a HANDBALL
court, but when you get two ...  "Watch he said. "He's a past master at the
HINDER." What do  ANDros AND Scar- brough think ... ..
Pg. 9-B?:
_The Hinder_
Andros picks up his nickname by virtue of the fact that it's  difficult to
return a ball without hitting him. He's nimble all right, but  the former Sooner
gridder makes a mighty big  target.

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