inbounds, v.

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>From King Kaufman's column on

Players diving out of bounds, getting one finger on the ball and
calling timeout. Players diving for loose balls and calling timeout
before they even get possession, hoping for the best. Players unable
to inbounds the ball calling timeout. It's ridiculous.

I thought "inbounds" might simply be a typo for "inbound", but "to
inbounds the ball" gets about 180 hits on Google (with another 32 on
Google Groups). So it's not an isolated usage. No hits for
"inboundsing" or "inboundsed", of course.

Whoops, spoke too soon-- here's a cite for "inboundsing":

-----, Feb 22 2004
If everyone mans-up on the in bounds, then a player will break down
the floor and receive a wide-open lob pass for an easy bucket. And
remember, after a made basket - or a made second free throw - the man
inboundsing the ball can run along the baseline.

--Ben Zimmer

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