Hang Time (1969)

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"Hang time" was probably discussed before, but I can't seem to access  
ANYTHING in the ADS-L archives. The search engine always quits on me.
"Hang time" is not in the OED?
I was watching "MythBusters" on the Discovery Channel. It was stated that  
the term "hang time" began with the great punter for the Oakland Raiders, Ray  
Guy. Guy was so good, he was sometimes suspected of punting with a 
helium-filled  football.
The MythBusters busted that "helium football" myth, but they're no  
etymologists. "Hang time" existed before Ray Guy joined the NFL.
DSC —  MythBusters

Helium Football
In Helium Football, Adam and  Jamie test out a myth that footballs filled 
with helium will fly further and  hang longer than ones filled with regulation 
air. In Catching a Bullet in your  teeth, the build team undertake tests in the 
firing line.

EXCEPTION  Chicago's Picks Marked by Balance _ 
COOPER  ROLLOW. Chicago Tribune (1963-Current file).  Chicago, Ill.: Jan 30, 
1969. p. D1 (2 pages) 
First page:
His punts have a "hang time" of 4.2 seconds. "Hang time," another pet  
expression of football scouts, is the length of time a punt hangs up in the  air.
(Punter Bob Coble of Kansas State -- ed.)
     _Iowa City Press-Citizen_ 
_Wednesday,  June 13, 1973_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="hang+time"+and+punter+AND+date:1973-06-13)  _Iowa  City,_ 
39+AND+range:1759-1973)  _Iowa_ 
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="hang+time"+and+punter+AND+stateid:39+AND+range:1759-1973)   ......  
"HANG-TIME" has suddenly be- come the catch phrase of the  OaklAND Raiders. A 
HANG-TIME of ... Guy's  HANG-TIME will affect the way the Raiders play 
football.'  Since the Raiders, one of ... He says a PUNTER has to have his own  style. 
Jerrell holds his hAND on top of the ball when ...  ..

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