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At 5:45 AM -0500 3/23/06, Stephen Goranson wrote:
>Thinking prema-donna or pre-madonna?
>Stephen Goranson

I've had this one, qua "pre-Madonna", in my files for a while; my
favorite cite appears below.  It helps to know that the former
baseball slugger Jose Canseco--currently (in)famous for his tell-all
book on steroid use in major league baseball--both "dated" Madonna
and was largely considered a prima donna both before and since.
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At 4:00 AM -0700 6/14/05, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>On _Fox & Friends_ this a.m., Kirin Chetry asked country singer
>Aaron Tippin's accompanist,
>"Is he a diva behind the scenes?"
Not too surprising, given how long "prima donna" has been.  Of
course, the locus classicus for *that* is the reference to "the
pre-Madonna Jose Canseco"...

Two other cites off the web:

[on Muhammad Ali's daughter, boxer Leila Ali]
Ali actually feels that [fellow boxer Christy] Martin is showing
signs of fearĀŠ Ali describes Martin as a real pre-Madonna. According
to Ali, Martin hired her own media people...

[from a review of a San Francisco production of the musical "Chicago"]
Bianca Marroquin, a real pre-Madonna, boasts an almost innocent tawdriness
and brings a refreshing gamine quality to Roxie Hart's need for fame.

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>>Does "premadonna" qualify as an eggcorn?
>>"A contractor who was working for me quit about 2 weeks into January.
>>The dude was premadonna headcase; came and went as he pleased, social
>>moron (i.e. HR disaster waiting to happen), unreliabliable, etc. Not
>>terribly uncommon in the software industry, but aggravating nonetheless."
>>Phil Cleary
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