"huzzah" labelled Colonial speech

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Fri Mar 24 15:56:43 UTC 2006

Nearly FORTY YEARS AGO, Jerry !

  But seriously, all I can recall using a kid FIFTY YEARS AGO is "Yay !"

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In 1968 I remember seeing anti-Vietnam War demonstrators in New York City chanting various anti-war slogans/songs, while the
counter-demonstrators were chanting "Hurray, hurray for the U.S.A.!" --- At least I seem to remember. It's been a long time.

Gerald Cohen

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Message from Jonathan Lighter, March 24, 2006:

> BTW, does anybody still shout even "Hurrah !" or "Hurray !" ? Nowadays all I hear is "Yeah !" "Yeeeee-haaaah !" and "Yaaaay !" Even "Yahoo ! " and "Whoopeee !" have come to sound like literary fakes.
> JL

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