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It got me essentially right, Inland North, although I am no longer able to
remember how I used to pronounce many words when I was growing up in
Centralia, Illinois although I still woish my hands and and talk about
George Woishington just to annoy my friends and constantly correct them
when they a try to tell me that those of us from southern Illinois are so
ignorant that we prounounce Cairo kay ro and that if they weren't such
ignorant fools they would know that the correct pronunciation is care oh.
My late friend Harlan Daniel who was born in Fox, Arkansas but who lived
for many years in Chicago once told me that whenever he found himself
talking too Yankee he would listen to a few Vernon Dalhart records in order
to get his accent back.

Just a note for all of you especially in this day of paranoia when very
soon you will be forced to have a passport to travel to and from Canada.

Whatever you do, do not when asked by the border guard when coming back
from Canada say Upper US and pronounce it uppa you ass unless you
immediately want to be sent to secondary so that you can watch while they
take your car apart in order to teach you a lesson about the virtue of
being polite.

Most of them do not know the difference between shicawgo and chickahgo and
kay ro and care oh so they can't locate you specifically but they do know
when you are putting them on so just speak the way you normally do unless
you enjoy spending an hour or two in secondary.

Page Stephens

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